Welcome to COSMO Infrasolutions

Active Infra Solutions:

COSMO has been delivering Active Infra Installation & Network Implementation services successfully. The service delivery team comprises of

  • TEI Teams (Telecom Equipment Installation)
  • NI Services Delivery Team (Responsible for Software / IP Configuration, NMS Visibility, Upgradation, Commissioning, Provisioning, SWAP, Traffic Shifting & Integration of BTS / DBS sites or MW Links) Based on scope of work
  • Quality & ATP Teams (Responsible to convert Active Infra work to invoice promptly with required approvals from customers)

Services we deliver under Active Infra and Network Implementation:

  • BTS, GSM Antenna & RF Feeder Cable Installation, Commissioning, Integration & ATP for 2G, 3G & 4G network implementation.
  • DBS (BBU-MU & RRU) Implementation (Commissioning & Integration) for 3G & 4G network implementation, with required Power & CPRI/Fibre Cable Installation, and connectivity to DCDB/SMPS.
  • SRAN Network Implementation (with required New or SWAP Activity) for 2G, 3G & 4G network implementation.
  • BTS / DBS and GSM Antenna SWAP
  • MW I&C, Link Alignment & NMS Visibility (Node Management) for different antenna sizes.
  • MW SWAP & Upgrade Activity.
  • GSM (RF) Antenna Installation
  • IF Cable Installation for MW Implementation
  • BTS Site RFI Survey and Report Submission
  • MW RFI Survey and Report Submission
  • Android based quality closure e.g EPMS, ISDP, 11A/11B, L1/L2, MS16-17 based on customer quality closure requirements.