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We offer In-building solutions with 2G/3G and WiMax technologies. The number of mobile users inside airports, railway stations, hotels, shopping centres, Large Corporate buildings and basements has increased by leaps and bounds. The network inside these places is often weak.

Good in-building coverage is provided by Distributed Antenna System. This solution not only provides good coverage and capacity inside the building but also reduces load on the outdoor cell site.These solutions are based on Distributed Antenna Systems (DAS) Fiber Optic Distribution Antenna Systems (FODS) or pico BTS. We have the skill set and experience in IBS designing and Implementation.

  • Identification of potential buildings for IBS
  • Trace and identify coverage and capacity weak spots in building
  • Propose best suitable RF source to resolve coverage & capacity issues
  • Design Distributed Antenna system using Passive, Active elements and prepare complete Link engineering diagram with each antenna's EIRP calculation
  • Implementation of IBS solution in the best professional way without disturbing aesthetic of the building
  • LOS & Link Planning for site connectivity
  • Installation of Passive Infra
  • RF parameter planning for site
  • RF walk test and call quality testing
  • IBS solution fine tuning for coverage, quality and capacity
  • Maintenance of IBS solution